AI powered agile performance management

A new generation of talent development tools

Talent discoverer uses advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms to identify areas of improvement for each of your employees individually. Your employee will have an accurate diagnosis of what is good and in need for improvement.

Based on the individual diagnose, Talent discoverer automatically generates a personalised action plan for each individual according to their strengths and weaknesses.

Identify and grow talent. See how your people evolve.

Provides a dinamic view of the evolution of every individual as well as the entire organisation over time.   

Self assessments

Let your employees say what they think about their performance and access a comparative analysis between the evaluator's perspective and the employee's self perspective.   

Individual and collective goals

Integrate goals and quantitative metrics into your assessments for a more accurate and realistic performance measure.   

Human Resources powered by artificial intelligence - AI

Transform insights into action plans

Assessments means noting if those not result in a custom action plan for every individual within your organisation. Talent discover rules based kernel generates those automatically for every employee. Follow up and review the status of every action plan , and compare that with later performance results with the help or our machine learning algorithms.

Custom metrics design for every job position

Design your own algorithms for metrics calculations in every company position. Set up the appropriate weight for each of the assessment areas, behaviours, competencies and goals, to get an accurate picture of the employee┬┤s performance.

Integrate other sources of data for your assessment

Make your assessment more reliable and complete, integrating data from other human resources systems or business data. Employee turnover, sales figures, training metrics, customer satisfaction metrics, absenteeism, etc...

Balance the importance of goals vs competencies

Create the perfect balance between goals and competencies for every company job position, to generate the most accurate, close to reality and optimal performance indicator for every individual.

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